Our José Martí in Israel: Reservoir HaSolelim

HaSolelim C Recycled water Reservoir was built by JNF together with Palgei Mayim, the body responsible for effluent treatment in the area at the Rani Wastewater treatment Facility. The reservoir will become part of an existing complex that includes HaSolelim A and B reservoirs, located about one mile east of Kibbutz HaSolelim. HaSolelim Forest Reserve, a mixed planted and natural woodland, surrounds the complex. The rapid population growth in the Lower Galilee has created an urgent need for and improved wastewater treatment System. The existing complex (built in 1988 and 1999) is not sufficient to meet the needs of the area’s inhabitants. HaSolelin C will enlarge the impounding capacity of the Rani Facility and prevent sewage overflow into Nahal Zippori, which has been seriously polluted for many years. The area attracts many tourist, and appropriate effluent treatment will make the area even more attractive. The reservoir stores recycled effluents from a number of sources: several neighborhoods in Nazareth and in Upper Nazareth, the willages Reina and Illut, and from various communities in the Yizre’el Valley Regional Council (Allon HaGalil, HaSolelin, Hasha’ya, Zippori, Giv’at Ela and Shimshit). The effluents flow into two settlement tanks and from there into two aeration tanks where blowing air speeds up the oxidation process. The reservoirs are sealed with 1.5 mm-thick polyethylene sheeting to prevent seepage, which in adition to being wasteful could pollute the groundwater. The new reservoir is located near the existing reservoirs and a complex of effluent treating pools built in 1990.